John Lewis & Partners

Brief: Help John Lewis & Partners own 'thoughtful gifting' year round.

All elements will use a fresh new illustrative style and elegant hand lettering. To combine John Lewis's signature string and the concept of unending giving, everything is designed as single line illustrations that have neither a beginning or an end; just like the ties that tie us together.

Bags and Gift Boxes

For any occasion or no occasion whatsoever, there’s a stunning bag or box fit for gifting.


Designer: Zabrina Quidiello

AD: Daniel Hunley

Zabrina and Daniel pitched this project to me, and I loved the idea and vision/direction. So basically, there was no way I was going to turn down a chance to work with such talented designers. I think we nailed John Lewis's tone and aesthetic, and Zabrina's single line illustrations are simply stunning; don't you think?