Warby Parker

Like many Asians, I know the struggle of trying to find glasses. With a low bridge, they're always sliding down or resting on your cheekbones. If you have a low bridge you'll get it, if not, see how annoying it is?

Interactive Bus Shelters

People waiting for the bus will be prompted to ‘push glasses up.’ When they do, the ad will come into focus, and the glasses will start slipping back down. (Brings me back to Chicago waiting on the 156 or the 22)

Direct Mailer

These will also use movement showing the slip.


Digital / Parallax


AD/Designer: Daniel Hunley

Daniel and I didn’t get a chance to work together until one of our last courses. We ended up working on three different campaigns/projects, and I only wish we’d have paired up earlier. I personally loved working with an Art Director x Designer hybrid; especially one as talented as Daniel.