Split by Venmo

We thought about it, and most everyone under 40 already uses Venmo. Why? Convenience and earned trust in the brand. So strategically, how does Venmo maintain its usefulness? Well, meet Split, the newest feature on your trusty money sharing app, Venmo.


  1. Open Venmo

  2. Who are you with?

  3. Snap a picture of the check

  4. Time for a tip

  5. Who had what?

Branded Check Presenter



We'll have Split brand reps stationed at different restaurants in large cities. Reps will select tables of young adults and show them the simplicity of Split. When the check comes, there won't be a check, but a leave-behind/takeaway.

AD: Carolyn Bowler

Carolyn is an amazing Art Director, but she's an even more amazing human being. She's just one of those people you can't help but love. We seriously LOVED this idea and want to see it come to life IRL. It's crazy how many times developing this idea that we'd text each other like, "just had to pay for XYZ. We need Split!" Venmo, where you at?